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Beijing small temperature and precipitation over the next ten days hopeless or challenge the record

Date: 2018-01-31

Yesterday (30) under the power of the sun, warming significantly in Beijing, the highest temperature 5 ℃, no effective rainfall days has amounted to 100 day in a row.The temperature today is expected to decline slightly, the highest temperature of 4 ℃.At the same time, rainfall in the next 10 days, if to February 14, there is no more than 0.1 mm of precipitation, no rainy days will reach 115 days in a row, break the longest records of 114 days.


Yesterday, the Beijing air, the weather is fine in the sun, south of Beijing observatory highest temperature at 5 ℃.Compared with last week's frozen to the bone, body feeling warm a lot obviously.

Today, a slight drop in temperature will appear in Beijing.Beijing municipal meteorological station is expected, between Bai Tianqing cloudy today, the north south 2-3 level, the highest temperature of 4 ℃;Fine between cloudy night, south 2 magnitude to the north, the lowest temperature - 8 ℃.

Later while Beijing Jan. 21-22 morning snow, but because is too weak, traces of less than 0.1 mm, not record rainfall.So from January 23 to 30, in October last year, Beijing continuous without effective precipitation days to 100 days.

According to the current medium-term forecast, the next ten days Beijing is still hard to precipitation, may go beyond 104 days and 108 days, no precipitation record second to continuous.If to February 14, there is no more than 0.1 mm of precipitation, no effective rainfall days will reach 115 days in a row, break the longest records of 114 days.

In addition in the first five record, there are three is nearly 10 years, side also reflects the trend of Beijing winter snowfall days fewer and fewer.


Meteorological department warned, the weather is dry, the public should pay attention to moisture, at the same time, pay attention to safety in the fire.

Dry weather should pay attention to?

1, drink more water.Dry weather season not only want to drink water more, and can't wait until thirsty to drink.

More than 2, home mop the floor or use a humidifier.

3, eat more fruits and vegetables.Dry weather should eat a lot of apples, pears and other fruit;And tomatoes and other vegetables.Vitamin supplements, enhance immunity, also can have the effect of skin moisturizing.

4, eat less spicy greasy food.Dry weather it is easy to lose, should eat less spicy and greasy food.

5, unfavorable use too hot water bath.Dry weather was for the skin is a grim challenge, use too hot water bath is stimulates the pores, make skin in worse condition.Advice to take a bath with warm water, then apply a moisturizer.

6, don't sleep too late.Late dry season, not only can let the skin becomes poor, and can aggravate the burden of body, greatly increases the probability of lead to illness.